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Terms & Conditions

Before using the website, please read carefully the terms and conditions. By clicking on this check box you accept these terms and register with us. You will not be able to use our website unless you accept these terms and condition.


You can access some of our site without registering or submit your details with us, but to use certain areas of our site you have to register with us. To use some part of our website you need to accept the legal notice, if you don’t do that you may leave that website immediately. Along with that you have to check the website time to time to get the updated legal notice, as we can update or add any kinds of terms for a particular page.


You are allowed to print or download website’s images or documents but only for your personal uses not for any other purpose. You are strictly prohibited to use any graphics or modify any data or use any doc separately from our EBM website. If you neglect any one above mentioned notice, then your authorization will be terminated automatically.

Service access

Generally, you can access the website 24 X 7 but if for any reason you are not able to access that website for some time then company will not take that responsibility. This temporary breakdown can happen without any notice, because of system failure, site maintenance or system repair which is beyond of our company’s control.


Company will allow you to do one registration only to access the website. One registration means only one or single user, the company doesn’t allow you to share the id, password with any other person or the multiple users. The company will not take any responsibility for the password duplicity or security.That is totally your responsibility.


The Company or any other parties who are not involved in creating, producing or maintaining the website or any group of the companies, the directors, officers, and employees are totally excluded from all the liability and responsibility for any kind of loss or damage to you or any third party. Some legal notice is not excluded from the company’s liabilities like any personal injury or death for the negligence or fraud type case.

Website Services & Content

If needed any part of the website’s content can be changed without any notice. Web site content any services are totally genuine and highly restricted for there selling anything.


To access the additional content users may become the member of EBM. As per the various service agreements or consideration of such fees you have to be the member of EBM website.

Product Pricing

Any product pricing can be changed without any prior notice as per the company’s needs. The marketing team of EBM regularly updates all the pricing information to ensure you have the correct information while placing any order.

Third Party Content

Website is not responsible for any third party content; in fact, the site hasn’t any control over the opinion information, or any statement coming from any third party content. Any third party content never represents any point of view of EBM market.

Outlining the terms and conditions

This term and condition page has been constructed under the laws of India. It has been made to guide its all the users and this website never allows any monopoly situation.

Legal Information

By accepting the general terms and conditions of this website you are now allowed to use this site without any restriction. If you are not ready to accept these terms and conditions then we are compelled to cease you to use the EBM site.

Data Protection

EBM pays great attention on users’ data protection. EBM wants to assure you that your data is in safe hands. By visiting this website and reading the newsletter, users automatically provide all the information. If any user registers personally here in this EBM website with the personal details of his/her like name and address then the authority of this site will never disclose this information with any third parties.

Key Terms for Payment Services

In this site you can use the payment method like a debit card, Credit card or the Net Banking. Before using this payment service you should know all the necessary details like the charges or fees need to pay while using the Credit / Debit Cards.

  • Make sure that the information you have given or going to provide is accurate and correct too

  • Users have to pay his or her application fees to EBM by using NEFT or Debit or Credit card.

  • EBM will never provide any warranty or guarantee to any user for using the payment service or operation.

  • The EBM team or its services never accept any liabilities for damage, loss or legal cost of the users by using these services.

  • For your kind information, it should be known to you that once you paid the fees, it will be non-refundable under any circumstances.